Fabulous work on my Alfa and my Ferrari. The body panels were replaced so skillfully it's impossible to detect the repairs. Paint done just like new, everything so perfect that both cars went on to win concourse prizes. Jim can resolve any repairs that you bring him, with great results. He gives honest assessments and takes care of his customers very well, shows his great love of the business and fine customer care. All of the people there are trained and tuned to the same page, making it a great place to get your vehicle bodywork, paint and interior repaired.
— David L.
My bumper needed paint repair because I was rear-ended. I randomly took a chance on this place, and I am so happy that I did! I was quoted way higher prices at a few other auto body places. Miracle Auto Body gave me a great price and did a fantastic job.
— Beth S.
I was referred to Miracle by my mechanic for body work on my 1969 Ford Bronco. The owner Jim is as pleasant and professional as they come. The bid was more than fair considering the work that had to be done. Jim's shop did an outstanding job on both the interior and exterior. The bodywork is excellent. I also have to credit Jim with some great ideas to solve some problems that came along as this project went forward. If something wasn't perfect it seemed to bother Jim more than it bothered me. After it was all done he had me bring the Bronco back in about three months later. When I came in he had already ordered some parts that had proved hard to find and was ready to pick away at the few small items left.
I was not sure what to expect with this kind of project but Jim made it fun and without stress. He even had his guys re-cover my backseat at no charge. Lots of other things were above and beyond what I could have reasonably expected. I highly recommend this shop to anyone.
— Scary S.
Great experience. Nice owner, professional job, and much less than I anticipated. I really think they do work cheaper than anyone I have ever used for auto body work. I would not hesitate to use them again.
— elizabeth b.
Jim @ Miracle had the best price in the area (we paid out-of-pocket) and fixed our Honda Civic with a faster turnaround time than promised by any of the other shops. It actually looks *better* than it did before the accident! I had gotten great work from his shop 7 years ago on another Honda and am glad to see he's still delivering quality work. Highly recommended.
— Jim B.
After one experience with Miracle Auto Body I am a customer for life. I took my car to two other body shops and they only looked at the outside dents. When I brought my car to MAB Jim noticed right away that there was further damage to my car than I thought and it would cause bigger problems very soon. My tailgate was bent, not just dented, which making water leak into my car and would end up growing dangerous mold. I had no idea about this. The finished bumper looked great and I have a new seal to block the water. I'm so happy with the work they did. There probably isn't a kinder man to work with than Jim.
The other plus is the location, it's four blocks down from Enterprise Rental Cars (also a good experience there) so it's easy to drop your car at MAB and get your rental car in one swoop. Don't waste your time driving around getting other estimates, go to MAB, and you can comment on my review later to say "Thank you." ; )
— Joanna A.
Jim, you the man. He is currently working on my sisters 63 Chevy Stepside and its coming along beautifully. You can trust these guys, not the first time ive brought a project to them and been satisfied
— Trevor H.
Jim was extremely fair in price and gave us excellent speedy service. I called at 7:30am, car was in by 8 and finished by 10:30.

I love being new to a town and being able to count on recommendations from Yelp and other services. Collie Automotive recommended Miracle and I am so glad I went there!
— Jessie H.
Jim did the best work on repairing my hood and front end!

I went to Jim to major bodywork (4/5 car on 5 car pileup) on my Lexus ES300. He not only provided a fair and reasonable quote, but he did a FANTASTIC job. The car looks like brand new, the paint/hood matches perfectly (smooth and shiny) and he delivered within the fair price he quoted. I would take any of my body and paint work to Jim - the replaced frond end works great!

The car looks better than it did before the adcident!!!
— Tanya W.
Miracle Auto Painting & Body Repair of San Rafael is the greatest ! My BMW got hit from behind and the man who hit me had no insurance, so this job was strictly out of my pocket, so I was a little worried. Fear not ! Jim and his team at Miracle had my car in and out right on schedule, and the cost was so affordable I am embarrassed to say. Jim was able to fix the dent in the sheet metal and somehow reuse the plastic bumper through some "miracle" method of repair... its looks as good as new. I was so impressed, I brought him another special project, the restoration of a classic 1966 Ford Bronco. That restoration is still in progress, but I am confident it will be another miraculous job. Two thumbs up ! for Miracle Auto Painting and Body Repair of San Rafael, CA.
— John L.
My truck is special. Not like special to me, I mean like special needs, nothing is ever easy, Flint Michigan's finest kind of special. I have made this discovery many times working on it myself over the years, and Jim at Miracle had the patience of the saints dealing with it when I had it in here last month.

I'm back today for the final check and last details and they have continued to be motivated and helpful, even after I paid for everything last time. Not like some other shops where after your check clears and they've got your money, suddenly making you happy has fallen off the priority list. I was paying out of pocket for this all, but they were able to help by searching for some used parts to keep the cost down.

Miracle was recommended to me by a friend in the auto business, saying that if he needed a body shop it's where he would take his own truck, and now I can see why. Jim is a man of his word, and everyone there has been most helpful. I would not hesitate to come back here if I needed.
— Mark K.
miracle auto painting & body repair is the place i highly recommended for any repair you may need, jim and hes team are very professional and honest,fair prices and most important part high quality wokr. i have been using miracle for at least 10 years. i would not hesitate to come back in the future for more to be done if i needed.

thank you for all hard work jim.
— Juan H.
I have been to Miracle Auto Body several times for repairs to my VW van. I have also had my Van painted by Miracle. I will keep going back. Jim is always helpful and always willing to accommodate in every way. He backs up his work. His prices are very fair and he does excellent work.
— Sonja D.
I recently bought an '86 Alfa Romeo sports car. The original paint job was oxidized and the body had 28 years' worth of dings and dents. I went around to several auto body shops in San Rafael and they were quoting me a price of $8-10,000 to remove the dents and repaint the entire car. :\(

Then I went to Miracle Auto and met with the owner, Jim. He looked the Alfa over and gave me a quote of just under $4,000 to remove the dents and repaint the entire car!

I was very pleased with the price, the service and the finished product from Miracle Auto Body. The new paint job is just like a factory finish (I know, because I compared it to the factory finish on my Nissan Exterra). Jim's crew went over my car "panel by panel" to make sure they had gotten rid of all the dents and door dings it had accumulated over the years. The body repairs were excellent.

Jim was very accessible and even invited me to come in a few days later to check on the progress on the car. At a later time I even got to meet the painter who laid down the superb finish on the Alfa.

I had a very good experience with Miracle Auto Body and I would recommend them to anyone, without any reservations.

Mark L.
— Mark L.
Hello again.

Part of the service when you get your car painted at Miracle is you get a free detail within a year of your paint job. So now, about six months later I decided to get it done. Some areas of the paint didn't settle too well and Jim, the owner felt it would not only be good to detail the car, but to also repaint some areas that he felt needed it as a follow up. I couldn't believe it. I just got the car back the other day and it is so beautiful. Everywhere I have driven it in the past six months people think the car is newer than it is, and a few thought it was new. It's 2004, so that's almost 12 years old. So the compliments are nice. This incredibly great owner operator Jim actually cares and has a lot of integrity. Hard to find these days and I couldn't be more pleased that I found him. I'm saving up now to get my 21 year old Mercedes done and I can't wait. It's a great old car and mechanically excellent. But that darn paint job is faded literally like an old pair of Levi's.

Jim, Miracle Auto Painting and Body Repair, you've exceeded your commitment and service to me and I am grateful. Thanks and hope to see you soon with the '94 Mercedes..
— Aaron I.
Praise indeed to Jim and his entire staff.

I have a Westy; and, it is just incredible as to the transformation performed by Miracle Auto. Everything was done for which I had had discussions with Jim; and, he and his staff went above and beyond to buffing and waxing and just making the Westy truly shine!

Many thanks.

— H.T.
Let's face it, auto body work isn't normally an enjoyable experience. To begin with, either you screwed up or somebody else did, and fixing it is generally an expensive reminder of a bad day.

Having a good insurance company smooths out the process, but in the end you're in the hands of a local body shop -- usually for a week or more. There must be a lot of accidents, because it seems like there are a hundred of these shops in San Rafael alone.

I found Miracle a few years ago after one of my more minor screwups, and was impressed with Jim Mahoney's no-nonsense attitude, clear, efficient communication, and reasonable price for the non-insured work. I won't belabor the point: other reviews have made it clear that Jim is an outstanding owner/manager who deals with you fair and square, and tries to "underpromise and overdeliver." Some people just do things right.

The experience was so unusual that I remembered and returned there after a more extensive screwup, and can report that nothing has changed. Jim dealt with my insurance claim efficiently and offered me a very reasonable deal to fix some additional dents and scratches and fully repaint my 2001 Toyota Sienna. He likes to get the details right, and ordered in some special paint to match the color of the old front bumper to the new rear one. The car now looks as good as when I bought it in 2004.

If you are looking for quality work, delivered on schedule at real-world prices, I can't recommend Jim and his shop highly enough.
— Stephen H.
Just had my 94 Corvette repainted stock Arctic White and Jim matched the paint color perfect which is very hard to do with white,there are over 20 shades of it from GM. Just had the whole front hood and bumper down after some minor fender and front bumper repair that I did myself to save money. Jim quoted me a great price and knocked it out in 2 days. I can't understand how some people would ever leave anything but 5 star rating from Miracle and Jim is a very easy guy to work with. Everyone that work's here is very cool and professional. I would not go anywhere else. Thank You Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Jeff G.